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Where Has CBD Been All of my Life?

History and Hype

Medical marijuana has been on the scene for a little while now, but the issue has emotionally and politically charged concerns. Cannabidiol (CBD) which is among the many compounds found in cannabis sativa plants (including hemp), along with other compounds, had for years been used to treat different conditions. However, due to the concern about the abuse of marijuana, it led to the banning of marijuana in the year 1930. The prohibition of the use of marijuana was due to these other compounds found in the plant such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC has psychoactive effects on the mind and body according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). For instance, THC leads to stimulation of the brain cells which makes it release dopamine and in the process creates euphoria. THC is also responsible for causing hallucinations and alters the way people think and also causes delusions among users. Propaganda was made and used to scare people. They had to believe that marijuana was a harmful drug and its use had no benefits at all, and they kindly decided to place hemp in the same category.

Were those things true? Sometimes. In some users. But not every user is the same and users used different amounts and kinds to experience these psychoactive effects. The story was told a little differently and made marijuana out to be a very scary and dangerous drug, criminalizing even those who used it for good purposes.

To This Day

Due to the adverse effects caused by the THC in marijuana, people generally think that the use of any cannabis products will have the same impact on them. However, as research has continued to be done, it has [re] discovered that other cannabis ingredients (compounds) such as cannabidiol (CBD) have medicinal values, as well. It has been proven that CBD, a cannabis sativa compound, is a non-psychoactive component. The medical world has continued to realize many more medical benefits of CBD and this list of benefits continues to grow. Hemp-Derived CBD oil and related products have a lot of advantages! CBD has anti-inflammatory, antiemetic and anxiolytic agents which help in the treatment of anxiety, pain, inflammation of the neurons, epilepsy, general inflammation and other conditions.

There is a great need to know that cannabidiol is useful in the fight against cancer. CBD has proven in many scientific reports have pro-apoptotic and anti proliferative effects that help to inhibit the migration of cancer cells. Some of the types of cancers that the hemp-derived oil has supported in the treatment include breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and also leukemia. CBD has been proved by medical experts to be non-toxic and taking any dosage will not by any means destroy the human body – unless you are allergic or it interacts with something – which is rare but can happen. The benefit of it being non-toxic is that CBD oil can be used in a prolonged treatment. Due to these and other medical benefits, people are now beginning to appreciate the use of medical marijuana, and the other hemp-derived compounds as well.

Going Forward

The more we educate ourselves and fight for our right to use plants and foods as medicine without being hindered, the more scientific research will be approved. The more we uncover the truth and strive to heal, the better off we will be. Where has CBD been all of your life? Burned down with the marijuana/cannabis plants because hemp was labelled as scary too. It’s good deeds have been locked away in dusty medical research file cabinets. But here we are, and the time is now! Let’s let this be what it was, fear-based control. Let’s open our minds and try new things in search of good health and longevity. Let’s let the fear go. One foot in front of the other. Onward. Let non-psychoactive, pure CBD and CBD products be a reason to smile and feel good again! Happy Healing!