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Treating Arthritis with Natural CBD

Chronic Pain

For those who suffer from Arthritis, it’s likely that you experience a great deal of chronic pain. While symptoms of Arthritis vary, and can even progress or reduce in severity, chronic pain is pretty typical with the condition. Some of the most common symptoms of Arthritis are swelling of the joints, stiffness, and a decreasing range in the motion of certain joint areas. The pain from this disease can be severe, especially if it’s degenerative arthritis which essentially leads to bone rubbing against bone.

While the staple for many doctors is to prescribe pain medication, there are other natural methods you may want to consider. Because medications can often have troublesome side effects that can be worse than the actual pain, natural methods have the advantage. One of those natural methods is the use of CBD Oil.

How CBD Oil Helps

If that name seems familiar, it probably is. CBD is found in a type of cannabis plant – the well-known hemp. However, it does not contain the same properties as marijuana (THC), which is what provides cannabis with its psychoactive response. Most CBD oil is harvested from hemp plants rather than marijuana plants. Since hemp contains significantly less THC than marijuana plants, you don’t have to worry about a receiving a high when using the oil. Some CBD has absolutely NO THC and is legal in all 50 states because of that.

CBD oil shines bright in its new spotlight and is really get recognition in a few big areas. Arthritis is one. Numerous studies have shown that the oil can actually reduce the inflammation found in arthritis patients. This inflammation can be a leading cause of chronic pain. By reducing it, the patient in question experiences significant pain relief. While the science isn’t completely clear, researchers suspect that the CBD attaches itself to certain receptors in the skin and in the brain.

One of the receptors that the CBD attaches to is called the CB2 receptor. This receptor plays a heavy role in giving instructions to the immune system. Particularly, it plays a role in managing pain and reducing inflammation. As such, researchers believe that CBD attaches to this receptor and turns on its inflammation-reducing properties and relieves pain. Another theory is that CBD promotes the body to naturally produce the appropriate targets for that receptor and reduce pain and inflammation in that way. Either way, AMAZING benefits!!

CBD is easy to use topically or internally. If you’re tired of living with arthritis pain, try CBD and see if it helps. Many people use the sublingual oil, taken daily with breakfast, or half in the morning and half before bed, AND they use a topical lotion or oil on the most painful spots. This inside and out method has been very successful so far. If you want to try it but do not know how to start, please read our post titled: How to Begin – Where to Start.