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CBD Relieves Pain

CBD Relieves Pain

At one point in someone’s life or another, they can experience pain anywhere in their body. These days, one can take comfort in the idea that a natural remedy for this does exist. The societal stigmas placed on this remedy still keeps it muted, but CBD is an amazing and natural way for some to manage chronic pain. Chronic pain affects millions of Americans each year, and unfortunately, in some cases the pain might be lifelong. Common forms of treatment involve using painkillers and anti-inflammatory agents, but hospitalization and/or awful side effects could occur with frequent use of these kinds of medications. This is what you need to know about CBD and why you should consider it for your health and wellness routine.

From The Beginning

CBD is a compound from cannabis known as cannabidiol. You either ingest it or apply it directly to the skin topically. Unlike the other main compound in marijuana, THC, you do not get a euphoric high from using CBD. Even though there are more clinical studies that need to be done to fully confirm its benefit, CBD has been shown to relieve pain in cancer and arthritis patients. Due to the fact that more research is required in order for CBD to be approved across the country, it is considered an investigative analgesic. Basically, it means that it is a relative unknown in terms of the full extent of its pain-relieving abilities. But preliminary studies have been extremely encouraging.

Completed Pain Related Studies

One prominent study that many often cite to support the use of CBD for chronic pain was a study done in 2008 at the use of CBD in chronic pain sufferers. The study concluded that CBD was very “well tolerated” and holds great potential as a part of a pain management regimen. Due to the rise in popularity of CBD, even the National Cancer Institute is raising awareness about its effectiveness and many more studies concerning cancer and CBD are being done.

Side Effects

Most report no side effects at all, but we must also be aware that some have reported: lightheadedness, a mild lowering of blood pressure, and dry mouth. More people claim it gives them energy and some people have said it makes them a little tired.

Be Aware

Because there is so much information out there, it is obvious that you need a potent product, lab tested and verified, clean and pure CBD. If it’s sublingual oil or drops, it should include only a very simple carrier oil, like coconut or hemp. That’s it. If it’s a CBD muscle rub, it may have an essential oil or menthol. This product should not be laden with chemicals, and it should be C02 extracted from hemp.

Final Thoughts

There will be plenty more research done on cannabis and it’s compounds as time moves on. We need to have a very open mind about this. Cannabis has been used for medicine before and then taken away. It’s also been studied before, but our science now is so much better. The more we understand and push for our rights to use plants as medicine, the faster we can find out what we already have growing that can heal us. Think about herbal teas and aloe vera. The best CBD products can help! Cheers to being pain free and finding your smile again!