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CBD Helps with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Are you suffering from IBD symptoms with little to no relief?

At BlueSkyFarmsCBD, we regularly get asked about CBD oil for inflammatory bowel disease because people have heard so much about it. Legal THC-free CBD oil has been shown to be an effective therapy for many physical and mental health conditions. Sufferers of inflammatory bowel disease or other disorders of the gut may be happy to find out that CBD may also help them with their symptoms.

So far, CBD has been shown effective in studies done with mice with colitis. And CBD has also been shown effective in overall reduction of inflammation in the body once inflammation has already occurred. In some of the same studies, they found that administering CBD oil before inflammation occurred at all helped to prevent it from happening – so it’s also an amazing preventative. It has been shown useful to help reduce overall inflammation in the GI tract, as well. These studies show that CBD oil has the potential to help users with IBD. More and more research is being done as doctors and scientists are intrigued with CBD and its phenomenal positive effects on the body.

GI Society in Canada has been paving the way for more research.

They have shown CBD oil has potential to be therapeutic for patients with ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and other GI tract disorders. While many users of CBD have claimed to have found relief from their symptoms and are raving about it, many doctors are even praising the oil as an effective potential treatment. Dr. Jordan Tishler from Inhale MD has hailed the use of CBD oil as being “far less harmful in comparison to conventional medicine”.

CBD, unlike its sister compound THC, is 100% legal in the United States. Hemp-derived CBD does not “get you high” or alter your state of mind. THC must be present for that, and there is no THC in our product. Blue Sky Farms CBD is completely legal to purchase and possess in all fifty states and some other countries. We also guarantee the highest quality products on the market. If you’d like to get started but don’t know where to begin, click this link for some tips and information.