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CBD and Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurological disorder caused by loss of dopamine producing brain cells. It’s a progressive disease that interferes with signals sent from the brain to the body. These signals are controlled by the nerves and nervous system. The disease can negatively impact a sufferer’s ability to care for themselves. Parkinson’s affects the capacity of a wide range of abilities, including movement, balance, and speech. Patients’ quality of life is generally diminished as the disease progresses. The disease affects over 10 million people throughout the world. It’s one of the most common neurological disorders worldwide.

Many different types of medications are prescribed to treat Parkinson’s Disease. But researchers have discovered a compound in the hemp plant called cannabidiol (CBD) that’s able to provide temporary relief of symptoms. They’ve also discovered scientific evidence of CBD’s ability to slow the disease’s progress. Cannabidiol oil is produced by a process of extraction. CBD can be extracted from the marijuana or hemp plant. The oil from the marijuana plant is costly and illegal in many states. CBD extracted from the hemp plant is legal in all states and more affordable. CBD hemp oil has known medical properties and is less restricted. The THC level in CBD hemp oil is very low in some, non-existent in others (Blue Sky Farms CBD has NO THC and independent testing results available upon request back that statement up) and it doesn’t affect the mind like cannabis does. CBD works by inhibiting the growth and signals of a protein receptor called GPR6. This is thought to occur through a binding process between CBD and the receptor.

Pre-clinical studies show the results of this binding action to be beneficial to Parkinson’s patients. The receptor binds with the CBD instead of the available dopamine. The process antagonizes and suppresses the receptor’s signals. This leaves more dopamine in the system instead of it being shed. A reduction in the amount of GRP6 causes an increase in dopamine. In addition, many scientific studies have shown CBD to be neuroprotective and therefore able to block the progression of the disease by boosting dopamine levels. Hemp oil is available as an essential oil or dietary supplement, but it does not contain the cannabidiol properties that CBD hemp oil has. Please be cautious when buying your oil. Learn how to identify high quality CBD. Use hemp-derived CBD oil, not just “hemp oil”.

Scientists are still trying to figure out exactly why dopamine producing neurons stop functioning normally in Parkinson’s patients. But they have discerned the association of this process with inflammation in the brain and oxidative stress. Scientists studying the disease in animals and humans have found evidence of the compound’s effectiveness as a treatment. CBD provides protection against the progressive degeneration of the cells most affected by Parkinson’s Disease. It has been proven effective as a safe and inexpensive treatment for temporary relief of Parkinson’s worst symptoms.

Michael J. Fox has Parkinson’s Disease and is an advocate for medical marijuana and CBD. He has spoken about it publicly and believes in it’s healing properties.