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What Exactly is CBD?

Every day, millions of people around the world struggle with the effects of serious and chronic illnesses. As chemical medicines begin to fall out of favor, many of these individuals have been seeking alternative ways to manage and even cure their various illnesses. To this end, many people have turned to natural and plant-based materials that have the ability to alleviate the symptoms of many diseases. One such material is called cannabidiol (CBD), and so far, many scientific studies are showing that this therapeutic substance/compound cures many illnesses and improves the quality of life of those who partake of it.

What is CBD? 

CBD is a member of a group of compounds known as cannabinoids. Deriving from plant matter, cannabinoids have chemical structures that allow them to interact with a number of special cellular receptors that are found throughout the human body. Even though CBD comes from plants that also produce tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), this therapeutic material does not produce the same types of psychoactive effects.

Where Does CBD Come From? 

CBD comes from several varieties of the hemp plant known as sativa-L. While sativa-L plants may produce THC if grown under the proper conditions, the specialized hemp stock crops grow in conditions that minimize the THC content of the plants while maximizing the CBD content. Once the plants are mature, producers harvest and process the flower, leaves, seeds, and stocks. After preparation, the processed plant material goes through one of several CBD extraction processes. These extraction methods result in concentrated CBD extracts that are then packaged in various ways.

How do People use CBD? 

Once producers process the CBD out of the hemp plants, they prepare the resulting materials for human consumption. Some of the common CBD packaging methods include concentrates, vape cartridges, capsules, and edibles.

  • Concentrates come in many forms which include pure CBD powder, sublingual oils, topical creams and topical oils.
  • Vape is a formulation that is inhaled.
  • Capsules contain various formulations of CBD in a carrier oil.
  • Edible CBD products include popular choices such as gummy bears, chocolates, honey sticks, and even bottled water.

What Ailments can CBD Relieve?

Many rigorous scientific and academic studies have affirmed the ability of CBD to alleviate a wide variety of mental and physical ailments. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Pain Relief
  • Anxiety Reduction
  • Immune System Boosting
  • Inflammation Alleviation
  • Neurological Ailment Relief
  • Seizure Reduction
  • More Stabilized Moods

You want the Best of the Best CBD?

Is there such a thing as “the best CBD company” or the “the best CBD” or “the best hemp-derived CBD“? Who knows, but some companies are dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality CBD products. Some companies really want to get natural remedies out there and known about and legalized. It’s a plant for goodness sake! Some companies are making way for open minds and change! A number of therapeutic CBD offerings are already available and more are created daily. Some offerings include CBD muscle rubs, vape pens, CBD vape juices, CBD sublingual oils, CBD honey sticks, and CBD pain creams. With a pure and potent CBD, these formulations have the ability to alleviate the effects of many common physical and mental ailments, including relief from cancer related symptoms.


Individuals who wish to begin to experience the therapeutic effects of CBD could start with a vape pen and some reputable CBD vape juice. Vaping CBD seems to act the fastest. Next fastest method is the CBD sublingual oil that is held under the tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. Either one is a good starting point. You can build on that, if you need to, with topicals to put directly on troublesome areas. It seems appropriate to say – Relief Awaits!