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Is CBD Too Good To Be True?

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about CBD lately, and you may be wondering if all of the hype is true. Cannabidiol, which many people use in oil form, has many health benefits. It can be used for pain relief, to calm an anxious mind, it has anti-seizure properties, the list goes on and on.

CBD is one of over a hundred cannibinoids (compounds) found in cannabis or hemp, and these cannabinoids been extensively researched due to the health benefits associated with them. CBD does not cause a high like THC, another compound from the hemp/cannabis plant. Because it is not an intoxicant, CBD can be used by people who would like to benefit from its therapeutic effects without the psychoactive effect.

The analgesic properties of CBD mean that it is an effective pain reliever. It helps to reduce inflammation and eliminates pain by working on the receptors in both the immune system of the body and the brain. Research has found that CBD reduces pain in patients without causing any negative side effects. It is already widely used for painful ailments like arthritis, injuries, and migraines.

You may have heard of some recent high profile cases where CBD has been used to help reduce seizures. A study of the effect of CBD medication on seizure-prone individuals with Dravet syndrome, showed a reduction in the number of seizures by nearly 39%. CBD has the ability to affect the brain’s electrical activity to help reduce patients’ seizures.

An increasing amount of research is also showing the psychological benefits of CBD. Anxiety, and in particular social anxiety disorder, is reduced when patients are treated with CBD. These findings were the result of a study by the University of Sao Paulo. Additionally, CBD has been found to help those who suffer from issues related to sleep. Many begin with the sublingual oil on a daily basis.

Pre-clinical studies show that CBD may have anti-tumor properties. Preliminary research appears to indicate that cell growth is inhibited and apoptosis is induced in the matter of cervical cancer, when it’s treated with cannabidiol. The initial lab research looks promising, and hopefully will lead to future advancements in treatment.

CBD has also been found to reduce the chance of developing diabetes. In one particular study, researchers found that only 32% of mice treated with CBD went on to develop diabetes, while 100% of the control group developed the disease. Researchers are optimistic that CBD may be able to be used in the fight against diabetes in humans.

Although this is not an exhaustive list of the health benefits associated with CBD, it does indicate that CBD does indeed have many health benefits. It appears that we are just beginning to realize the important role it can play in both physiological and psychological disorders. CBD is not too good to be true, there are studies and research to prove the claims. CBD is just a gift provided by nature as a hand to help up. Everyone knows more research is needed, and is currently underway.