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How Do I Know Which CBD Oil To Purchase?

There Are Sooo Many!!!

With so many different products to choose from, picking the right CBD oil for you can become a bit overwhelming. While you may be excited to begin enjoying the benefits of CBD, it is important to pick the very best CBD oil for your needs. With this helpful guide, you’re sure to find the perfect CBD oil.

What To Look for When Choosing a CBD Oil

Have in mind what you are wanting. Do you want PURE CBD? Do you want NO THC? Do you want your CBD to not taste gross? What does CBD even taste like? Do you want it to be potent and work well? It wouldn’t hurt to do a little research but warning: there is so much information out there, you could drown. We try to cover every topic and break it down for you. No pressure. Read below to learn some important tips when searching for your perfect product.

Read the Fine Print

Don’t fall victim to picking a CBD oil that isn’t actually the quality that you’re looking for. Some companies will use certain tactics to lure you in to using their product, but the product won’t actually hold the benefits the company claims. Fancy packaging or good art or bright colors catch your eye, but they do not always speak the good truth. In other cases, extreme doses of a product might have to be taken to produce the benefits that are claimed on the leader.

The best thing to do is to read all packaging and descriptions carefully. Be mindful of both ingredients and dosage choices. CBD oil is a growing enterprise so of course there are going to be people that use this to their advantage. Be aware of scams and avoid them as necessary! Some products claim to have CBD in them, but show they do not contain the labeled amount of CBD when subject to testing in a lab. Be meticulous in your research, then trust your gut. When purchasing a CBD product, you deserve the very best of the best. Don’t settle for unanswered questions. Look for 99+% pure CBD on the label and check to see if the product has been lab tested. This will ensure quality and potency. Make sure it’s pesticide free and check the lab results for heavy metal testing, as well as how much CBD is in there, and if it does contain trace amounts of THC. Lab tests should be readily available on the website or in the store.

Start at the Source

When it comes to using a CBD oil, you deserve a product that has been derived from the best source possible. The initial hemp plant should be USA grown and come from a beautiful, fertile farm, under a bright blue sky with plenty of nourishing sunshine. You deserve the very best out of your product. The quality of your CBD oil is really only going to be as good as the quality of the source it comes from. Some products are coming from other countries. Being mindful of where the plants were grown and cultivated just makes sense, like with produce, this is something you are putting into your sacred body.

Be mindful of the Extraction Process

  • The CO2 Extraction method is the best without lingering chemicals.
  • A Solvent Extraction Method – using ethanol or butane. This method destroys the natural plant wax and can leave lingering contaminants.
  • There is a dry ice and olive oil method, but they are inconsistent, possibly damaging to the product, and have a really short shelf life.

What if it’s not Working?

If by chance you choose a product that doesn’t seem to work, make sure you gave it a fair chance by using the entire supply, as directed by your personal care adviser. If you have done that, you have four choices:

1. Up the amount you are taking to find the right dose for your unique body. If you are taking half a dropper, try a full dropper. If you are taking 2 puffs, try 4 puffs. Try the whole gummy instead of just half, or try one and a half.

2. Stay with the brand and try a stronger dose. If you are using the 500mg, try the 1000mg or the 1500mg.

3. Try a different delivery method or multiple methods. If you are taking the sublingual oil, try the oil in the morning and use vape as needed through the day. Or use the sublingual oil and a pain cream. Or the gummies and the pain cream.

4. If you’ve cycled through all of the products one brand has to offer, and still no results, try a different brand. Just make sure that each one you try is up to the standards we discussed here today. Some people say they have tried 2-3 brands to find the right one for them. Some find that the very first one works amazingly.

Everyone is Different

Medications effect everyone differently; although CBD is natural, it will still effect everyone differently. No one takes ibuprofen or tylenol and sits around to see what it feels like. What does CBD feel like? There is an article for that! Simply put, it’s subtle. So happy CBD hunting, hopefully this article made it a little easier for you!