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CBD Fights Joint Pain Naturally

It seems like everyone is talking about CBD oil. Maybe that’s because recent medical research has shown that hemp-derived cannabidiol oil can help treat arthritis and chronic joint pain. This extract from the cannabis plant appears to have properties that can alleviate the painful symptoms associated with pain in the body’s joints.

According to Medical News Today, CBD oil does not have psychoactive properties like some other chemicals found in cannabis. This means that CBD does not make a person high or change their mental outlook. This particular characteristic makes CBD an attractive option for people who are seeking pain relief without this type of effect.

Some patients use CBD to reduce inflammation and pain in the joints. Scientists believe that CBD affects the way that receptors in the brain respond to stimuli. Because of this, CBD appears to be able to reduce inflammation and the associated pain. A 2011 study showed that CBD reduced pain related to inflammation in rats. Another review indicated that CBD proved promising as a osteoarthritis treatment.

Looking further, a study in 2016 showed that topical application of the oil reduced inflammation and arthritis pain. Finally, in 2017 a study found that CBD may be an appropriate treatment for osteoarthritis pain. Findings revealed it to be both safe and useful for pain management. The studies have been encouraging, and more research is planned in the future.

Those individuals suffering from joint pain may want to consider looking into CBD. Arthritis can be especially debilitating and results in a lower quality of life for many. Joint pain is a widespread problem for people young and old. A more active and pain-free lifestyle is something that virtually everyone would enjoy, and this could be made possible with a treatment such as CBD.

CBD is available as a sublingual oil, as discussed, but is also available as a hand cream, muscle rub, lip balm, and vape. CBD is making leaps and bounds in the realm of health and wellness. It has been studied in relation to the many health problems that plague society. CBD is a natural treatment, which makes it a preferred option for patients. Some people have used CBD to alleviate migraines, treat anxiety disorders, diabetes, depression, substance abuse, and epilepsy, among other ailments. It seems we may have just barely scratched the surface when it comes to the beneficial effects of CBD.