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CBD: What Does It Taste Like?

Cannabidiol (CBD) products are becoming more and more popular to remedy pain and inflammation and a variety of different injuries, as well as, mental and physical ailments. With the rising popularity, you might be wondering what exactly CBD tastes like. Today, CBD is incorporated into many different products. From vape cartridges to oils to certain types of concentrates and tinctures, the taste of CBD will be dependent on the method of its delivery.

What Does Edible CBD Taste Like?
CBD can be incorporated into different foods that you already know and love. When CBD is used in a food that you already know, you often can’t even taste it. Cookies, brownies, candies, and gummies are all used as a way of consuming CBD. The flavor options are practically limitless and you probably won’t taste the CBD at all in an edible. It will taste like the item it’s in. Gummies are usually fruity, brownies would taste chocolaty, etc. You get the picture.

What Does Vaping CBD Taste Like?
CBD can come in numerous different vape cartridges that have different characteristics and flavors. Some companies and consumers do not add flavoring at all, to keep it natural. Some folks like to buy and add specific flavors to their vape to mask the taste of what they’re vaping. These flavor possibilities are practically endless – grape, cherry, apple pie, and 377 more. <That number is probably an exaggeration. If it’s just plain CBD in a fractionated coconut oil, which is what comes pre-loaded in some CBD vape pens, it tastes mostly like nothing with a hint of warm oil. It’s only strange if you’ve never vaped before. It’s kind of like being present when french fries are being cooked in oil. You can get a sense of the warm oil in your nose or in your mouth. It’s kind of like that, without the mouth-watering french fry aroma.

What Does CBD Sublingual Oil Taste Like?
The taste of CBD sublingual oil will be dependent on if it is a light or dark variety. CBD is said to have more of a bitter taste all by itself, but when it’s added to an oil, some describe it as more of a green woodsy taste or no taste at all, just light oil. It’s different, but not awful. It’s totally something you can get used to. If not, put it with something you like the taste of – oatmeal, yogurt, smoothie, etc. Some companies put mint in with it so that it has a minty taste.

Finding the Perfect CBD Product for You
Your ideal CBD product is going to be solely dependent on your own taste buds. The best way to find the perfect CBD consumption method for you and your specific needs is to give the different varieties a try and track which flavors you like the taste of the best. If you don’t like the taste of CBD in a vape, don’t be afraid to try an edible method. With so many possibilities, there is sure to be a perfect CBD product available for you. Good luck!