Welcome to Blue Sky Farms We are a licensed Colorado farm growing strictly hemp for an amazing and pure CBD product. We procure and produce 99+% PURE CBD Oils and Products for wholesale buyers. Retailer Inquiry Our Catalog CBD from Hemp is absolutely legal in all 50 states!
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Our License and Certifications

DB Labs Certified
100% CBD – NO THC
Phytatech Certified
NO Heavy Metals
Licensed Hemp Grower

What We Value and Why it Matters

Purity is our top priority and the reason for that is because too many companies are diluting this product. We are not interested in that and will not compromise. We want full bioavailability. We want our consumers to get the absolute best into their systems to help them with their specific needs. We want to provide the best of the best and we believe we have done exactly that.

Hemp contains many compounds, THC and CBD being the ones that are most popular in recent discussion. Our process allows us to isolate only the CBD and discard the rest, leaving you with the purest CBD we can offer. This purity allows for a faster delivery to your system. Think of it like getting straight to the point of a matter without all of the nonsense. You’re welcome!

CBD isolate is typically the product of choice for those concerned about work/sports related drug testing or those who may be sensitive to the other cannabinoids. CBD isolate contains no THC. Which means it’s non-psychoactive. Pure benefit. Not only will you see results with our product, you can use it with confidence.

Linked Studies to the Proven Benefits of CBD


Pain Relief

CBD is well noted for its benefits regarding pain and inflammation. Numerous scientific studies can back this up. Click this and that too.

Anxiety Relief

From social anxiety to panic attacks, CBD has been proven to help with anxiety. For more information, please click this link and that link.

Helps Fight Cancer

While CBD has been shown to help fight cancer, and is known to relieve the pain, nausea, and vomiting associated. Click this link and this one too.

CBD and the Human Body

Understanding how CBD works inside of our bodies is critically important. If you have a moment, check out these educational videos – here and here.

Neurological Disorders

Seizures and other neurological disorders have been curbed using CBD oil and the studies are available. Click here and here for more information.

More Amazing Information

CBD address so many different areas, we couldn’t possibly cover all of them.
Click Here for more info.

Videos on CBD

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