Granddaddy Purple Delta 8

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The Purp, or Grandaddy Purple Delta 8, Strain is a heavy indica strain that produces intense effects. This strain is dominated by a Myrcene, which has been used for centuries, GDP’s complete terpene profile is an all-star roster of fragrant and beneficial molecules. The sweet-smelling Bisbolol, which is found in chamomile flowers, has become widely sought after.  While other GDP terpenes, like Limonene and Pinene, supply both a natural fragrances.


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Delta 8 Granddaddy Purple

Get Grandaddy Purple Delta 8 wholesale from Blue Sky Farms. This is one of the most popular marijuana strains on the market, and now legal in 38 states for recreational use in the form of Delta 8.

Learn about Granddaddy Purple Strain with Delta 8

The Grandaddy Purple Delta 8 THC flower is a heavy indica strain that produces intense effects. With a Myrcene-forward terpene profile and a high dose of active cannabinoids, Grand Daddy Purp creeps up slowly and hits hard. A true nighttime strain, it’s the perfect way to spend a relaxing evening at home.

Smoking The Purp Taste

Grand Daddy Purp is a potent strain of D8 that has been known to create relaxation so total it’s hard to leave the couch. These Delta 8 hemp buds have a sweet taste and release scents of berry or grape. The flowers grow in thick purple buds dotted with orange hairs, which release white resin when smoked by the user. Users also report euphoric feelings and calm happiness radiating throughout their body, which can lead users into an altered state of mind where they have a feeling of calm in conjunction with creativity being spurred on by THC’s psychoactive properties.

Strain History

This strain was introduced by celebrated cannabis breeder Ken Estes in 2003, the purpose of creating the “ultimate indica.” Taking its coloring and flavor from Purple Urkle and its physical structure from Big Bud, Granddaddy Purple is greater than the sum of its parts. Widely praised for its euphoric sensations, it’s also one of the first California-bred strains to achieve worldwide renown.

Grow Process

All our flower is grown in a light-assisted greenhouse, then cut and dry-cured over 12-14 days, the Grand Daddy Purple Strain is made using 100% organic farming practices to ensure it is the safest, most-effective, and most natural Delta 8 flower on the market. Every batch is lab-tested to ensure it meets the federal government requirement of containing less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

The Delta 8 THC itself is produced via a solvent free method that converts CBD to Delta 8 THC. The result is melted onto the CBD flower, then kiefed, and finally put in a pressurized container and then distillated into the flower.

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