Biscotti D8 Preroll Joints


Preroll Joints with Biscotti Strain Delta 8 Flower

Order Biscotti D8 preroll joints wholesale from Blue Sky Farms. True to their name, Biscotti Delta 8 pre rolls have a sugary, buttery taste. But the flavor is overpowered by the potent effects they deliver. It’s the perfect strain for a fun, easygoing evening. The combination of mental and physical effects result in a pleasant, happy vibe that perfectly complements a quiet night watching a movie or meeting friends for a meal.

The delta 8 buds themselves are dense and sticky with a deep green coloration laid over a purplish tinge. Fiery orange hairs run throughout the buds, which are flecked with chalky white trichomes.

*Minimum Requirement of 5!*

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3.5g, 7g, 14g