Blue Sky Farms Wholesale Delta 8 Flower

Looking to buy wholesale delta 8 flower? Blue Sky Farms has a variety of the most popular strains of D8 flower on the market. The quality of a hemp plant is only as good as the soil on which it grows. Our organic farming practices guarantee that we have superior-quality flowers to offer you for your shop, with Delta 8 THC distillate being infused into each batch for maximum potency and purity before frosting them at an even higher level of kief than usual!

Can You or Your Customers Get High Smoking D8 THC Flower?

Yes, absolutely. Smokers of Delta 8 flower report feeling like it is one of the best day of their lives: happy, relaxed and carefree. They say they can’t remember a time when smoking was this enjoyable or what life has been like without it – mostly due to how much happier these people seem now that weed has become an intrinsic part in their lifestyle (pun intended).

The reason why so many choose Delta 8 over other options?

Visceral relaxation!  At the same time less intoxication which means no anxiety/paranoia side effects; even if you’re not looking for something intense but rather just want some good old fashioned couchlock then come on down because we’ve got your back covered there too.

Where Can I Buy Delta 8 Flower Wholesale Online?

If you are wondering “Where can I buy wholesale delta 8 flower online?,” you have come to the right spot.  Our warehouse and physical store is located in Blue Springs, MO, however you can buy online and we will ship your order directly to your store.

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Granddaddy Purple Delta 8Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Granddaddy Purple Delta 8 Flower

Granddaddy Purple Delta 8

Buy Bulk Granddaddy Purple Delta 8 – Indica Heavy Strain

The Purp, or Grandaddy Purple Delta 8, Strain is a heavy indica strain that produces intense effects. This strain is dominated by a Myrcene, which has been used for centuries, GDP’s complete terpene profile is an all-star roster of fragrant and beneficial molecules. The sweet-smelling Bisbolol, which is found in chamomile flowers, has become widely sought after.  While other GDP terpenes, like Limonene and Pinene, supply both a natural fragrances.