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Hemp Derived CBD Nano Shot Rest 1 oz 10mg

What? Our Nano Rest Shot? Yeah, it’s kind of amazing. You want to know more? Basically it’s sweet dreams, 3 stars, and a lullaby carefully poured into one little bottle. This simple shot quickly delivers calm and relaxation to your restless body. Our 99% pure CBD, a tiny bit of melatonin, a smidge of valerian root, and a sprinkle of fairy dust (just kidding – or am I?) gently help you regulate your healing sleep cycle. Goodnight, sleep tight!


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Hemp Derived CBD Nano Shot Energy 1 oz 10mg

What do you get when you combine amazing herbs, the best superfoods, and our 99% pure CBD? If you guessed rocket fuel – close but no cigar! Rocket fuel is all chemically and bad for you and stuff, but our Nano Energy Shot definitely gives you a beautiful energic boost, anytime you need it. No jitters, no crash, and with fast-acting nano technology, no waiting! Check it out.


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Hemp Derived CBD Nano Shot Detox 1 oz 10mg

Meet our little friend, Detox Nano Shot. When trouble is arising, you want this small but powerful friend in your pocket. Loaded with superfood nutrients and our 99% pure CBD, having the Detox Shot in your corner will help with situations like a regretful night out, a nasty cold, or a liver in need of a little cleaning. Let’s not forget inflammation, weight loss, digestion, and energy depletion. Yep. You’re welcome! Take care of yourself.


Oil & Cream Sample – 10 pack

This is a 1 or 2 day sample of our 500mg Sublingual Oil and a small sample of our 1000mg Pain Cream. For the oil, take 1/4 of this sample under the tongue, twice daily – morning and evening. That would be approximately 16mg of CBD for the day. OR take 1/2 of this sample under the tongue, twice daily – morning and evening for a stronger dose. That would be approximately 32mg of CBD for the day. The choice is yours. Use the pain cream on sore body parts or joints. Using these two together is an amazing combination of pain relief.

CBD Capsules Sample – 10 Pack

This is a sample set of our 3 different types of capsules. The white capsule contains 25mg of CBD and 100mg of natural caffeine in coconut oil. This is comparable to a light cup of coffee. Take this capsule first thing in the morning for an amazing boost of Good Morning and Have A Better Day! The clear capsule contains 25mg of CBD in coconut oil and that’s it! The black capsule contains 25mg of CBD and 3mg of natural melatonin in coconut oil. Take this one about 30 minutes before bed to get a good night of rest. This set can easily be a 3 day sample. Try a different capsule each day to see what you like best. If you are experienced with CBD and use more than 25mg a day already, this could be a 1 or 2 day sample. Enjoy!