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Hemp Derived CBD Hand Cream 2 oz 500 mg

Use on pulse points or the hands. Our super soft and potent cream will leave you feeling moisturized while giving your body the continuous flow of CBD it needs to ward away the unpleasantries associated with pain, anxiety, and more. Tip On Repeat: We advocate taking sublingual oil daily, as a base, and then using creams, as needed, in between the morning and evening oil routine, for maximum and longer lasting results.

Hemp Derived CBD Healing Oil 50 ml 100 mg

Have you ever considered anything being better than a relaxing massage? No? That was before our CBD Healing Oil. Imagine rubbing this into your body… OH MY! Things are looking up, my friend! Mention this to your massage therapist. Don’t have one? Never fear!! Just put a small amount into your own body oil and practice some soothing self-massage. Ahhhhhh. Bye-bye pain. Hello better day!

Hemp Derived CBD Lip Balm 125 mg

Kiss and tell them all about the CBD on your lips! These are not just any super sassy, healthy, soft lips! These are happy-go-lucky, pain and anxiety free, inflammation in check, out living our best lives, looking and feeling good while we do it, amazing, kissable lips! Just saying!!! Our lip balm is obviously pocket-sized and perfect for keeping the CBD flow going throughout the day. *MUAH*

Hemp Derived CBD Muscle Rub 10 ml 500 mg

Does stress or pain have you all knotted up? Muscles sore from that early morning workout routine governed by Bruno the unforgiving personal trainer? The Bruno who is probably an ex-mafia member whose job consisted of using pain techniques to get people to talk… Well! You never know!! Anyway, roll a little of this on the sore spots and work it into the muscle to untie those knots. We also recommend taking our sublingual oil daily and then using the muscle rub as needed for maximum benefit. P.S. – Be nice, Bruno!

Hemp Derived CBD Pain Cream 1000 mg

Is arthritis keeping you from doing the things you love to do? Maybe a pulled muscle or sprained ankle? Did you over-do-it climbing the Himalayas in search of the mountain-top monks during your trek across Nepal while checking things off your bucket list? Look at you go!!! Rub this powerful concoction on your sore joints and find relief in about 15 minutes, lasting 1-2 hours. Re-apply as needed. We advocate taking a sublingual oil daily and then use the pain cream as needed for maximum relief. Rest up, Champ! We’ve got you covered.

Hemp Derived CBD Pain Cream 250 mg

Are achy joints costing you precious time with your family or keeping you from your favorite salsa dance class? Consider warming up those joints and pre-treating with our amazing pain cream before practicing your super savvy skills! Rub a small amount into your knees, wrists, elbows, or ankles before your next epic adventure. The cream generally takes effect in about 15 minutes and lasts 1-2 hours. Did we mention this particular bottle is a perfect travel size? We also recommend taking our sublingual oil daily and then using the pain cream as needed for maximum benefit. Go on – live your best life!


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Hemp Derived CBD Pain Salve 1000 mg

Sometimes the pain is deep down and relentless. It can definitely put a damper on any plans you might have to captain your own ship for months on end in search of the lost city of Atlantis. Just rub our thick and potent, deep-penetrating salve right on into that pain. Ahhh… No worries. We will have you back at the helm in no time, Skipper! Savvy Pirate Tip: We recommend taking the sublingual oil daily and then using the salve as needed! Bon Voyage!